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    10 kitchen utensils that you should have when you cook

    Ten kitchen utensils that you should have when you cook 

    Do not believe that the right kitchen equipment can make cooking easier?

    Cooking is an activity that we always do while at home, whether to cook food or just boil noodles. From simple to elaborate, it certainly requires at least two cookware.

    You are a cooking hobby, of course already know what cookware that must be there when you want to cook in the kitchen. So what for you who just got married and lived without a parent or just moved into the city itself?

    Instead of being confused and panicked because the cookware in the new kitchen is not complete, you should check out the list of cookware that must be there when you cook in the kitchen of Kania the following!

    1. If you want to cook in the kitchen, must have a stove.

    The cooking utensils in the kitchen are the main stove. If there is no stove, you will get into trouble when you want to fry or boil. If there is already a stove, do not forget to make sure the gas is always there so that the cooking process is not disturbed. Choosing a furnace should also be careful to be durable, choose a quality stove.

    2. Cook in the kitchen wear a frying pan

    Frying pans will come in handy when you want to cook and stir-fry groceries. During the pot, you can use to make soup or boil water. This cooking equipment is essential so that the cooking activities in the kitchen are more enjoyable, choose an anti-sticky wok, and provide a medium-sized pan.

    3. Cook in the kitchen if there is no spatula

    Without a spatula, you'll have trouble while cooking in the kitchen later. Is it not, if you have to stir the dish using a tablespoon? It is precise that your hands are overheating, and the cuisine is not stirring well. Choose quality spatula because poor quality spatulas can cause cancer. In Dekoruma, you can find a lot of spatulas with a variety of models and materials, such as a spatula from the Fackelmann brand.

    4. Before cooking in the kitchen, you need a knife and cutting board

    Before cooking in the kitchen, you have to prepare groceries such as vegetables and onions. Therefore, you need a knife and cutting board to cut it into the same size. Knives should also be diligent in your care so that the blade may not be blunt or the sword is rusty.

    5. While cooking in the kitchen, the basin is also not less important

    A good-quality and easy-to-break basin will come in handy when you prepare groceries to cook in the kitchen. For example, when soaking the vermicelli, wash the cake mold, or wash vegetables. Don't have to bother anymore when preparing ingredients!

    6. Who knows you need an elevator to soften the cooking spices in the kitchen

    Indonesian cuisine is famous for using a lot of spices that must be smoothed, aka Diulek. For this one thing, you need to get off the rocks. He said the spices used in this stone is a taste more delicious than the spice that was mashed in a blender.

    7. A helpful little child while cooking in the kitchen

    The presence of temporal or kitchen gloves is often forgotten due to its small size. But this cempal very useful to protect your hand from heat when you want to move a pot or a frying pan after cooking in the kitchen. From your hands to Burns, we recommend providing this cempal from now on!

    8. Cook in the kitchen faster to wear scarring

    Cutting groceries in small sizes will take a lot of time, especially for those of you who aren't used to using knives. Instead of the hands of wounds and wasted time, buy a grater. With one single motion, you can get your food cut into small quantities in bulk. The process of preparing cooking ingredients in the kitchen is more natural.

    9. Rice cooker to accelerate the cooking process in the kitchen

    Cooking the rice in the old way takes a lot of time and removes energy because you have to boil, then move it to the steam device. With a good quality rice cooker, you wash the rice then turn on the Cook button. The rice will mature on its own in a short time, and you can stay to continue cooking in the kitchen.

    10. If you want to cook in the kitchen while reading recipes, you need a balance

    For beginner cookers, the leading guide when cooking in the kitchen is a cookbook. In methods, there is usually a dose of cooking ingredients. To make it more precise, you need a scale tool to measure ingredients.

    That's the ten cookware you have to have in your kitchen, which tools you already have? Dekoruma also sells electric kettle, blender, oven, pressure cooker, and various other cooking utensils, ranging from shape, size, to famous brand such as Fackelmann. Guaranteed, cooking in the kitchen more fun!

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