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    25 Beautiful Kitchen Designs You Can Easily Use

    Once, the kitchen serves only as a place to cook or eat a meal. Today, however, the function moves more, and more so far, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house with a design that follows the trend and lifestyle.

    Regardless of the love of cooking or not, having a beautiful kitchen is a dream for everyone. Because the kitchen is now often used as a second living room to entertain relatives when they return home. In addition to the overall design of the kitchen, the selection of decoration and storage in the kitchen also takes a great contributor to make the kitchen look beautiful and enjoyable. The first thing to keep in mind in making the kitchen attractive is messy after which the decoration.

    The design of a beautiful kitchen is relative because everyone's tastes certainly vary. Through this article, we encapsulate a variety of beautiful kitchen designs that you can apply the following tips that you can emulate at home.

    1. Grouping and cutlery on hanging shelves carefully.
    Try to be stacked with the same height and similar products. Swipe some of your favorite screens to make your kitchen feel personal.

    2. Display shelves and ladder-shaped books can be a decoration idea in the corner of the kitchen.

    3. Black gives exclusive, masculine, and elegant print.
    Suitable for you who loves to entertain guests with cocktails.

    4. The orange color in the kitchen is believed to give the impression of warmth, comfort, and joy.
    This color can strengthen the relationship between families while cooking or eating together.

    5. When choosing a kitchen with an island table, use a comfortable bar chair to eat.
    The standard bar table size is 90-120 centimeters, so do not select the seat origin. A good seated position will affect your mood while eating.

    6. A typical Middle Eastern motif set in soil patterns is a timeless cooking model.
    The diversity of this motif makes the kitchen look different and attractive. Feel free to hit the motive, because there's the excitement.

    7. A beautiful kitchen that you can have simply by presenting a carpet.
    Adjust the size of the carpet with your kitchen area before purchase. Select a display mat parallel to the island table.

    8. Use vibrant colors for different tones.

    9. It is time to use the green pistachio color in the built-in closet kitchen inside the home.
    When combined with marble as well as a wood finish, the kitchen will be surrounded by a warm and informal atmosphere.

    10. Beautifully organized.
    Use a ceramic bottle/bottle/jars in a matching color, then place it on a wooden tray along with the kitchen seasoning.

    11. Simple kitchens become extraordinary when given a touch of plants.
    In the middle of the kitchen is white; you can give a slice of spruce or Philodendron in a kitchen hood. The green color of the plant will change the mood with instant.

    12. The lights on the dining table are essential, so choose carefully.
    Brass chandeliers are an elegant accent amid a contemporary kitchen.

    13. For easy maintenance and cleaning, select solid surface material on the table and marble on the wall.

    14. Rattan baskets have returned to storage trends.

    15. If you have a small kitchen, feel free to present bright colors in the d├ęcor, glass, even carrying the chair.
    Bright colors will give a spacious effect to the small room.

    16. Natural lighting is perfect for the kitchen because the room becomes dry or not damp, germicidal, and looks wide.

    17. Join the three main areas of the house: The living room, kitchen and dining room
    For the place that is often used with families, these three areas can be found in a centralized place. This design space gives an informal atmosphere to the house. In addition to the deep impression, families can interact unhindered.

    18. Chevron's wall motif is a timeless design idea.
    The chevron Motif usually consists of a two-color pattern. In order not to be too full when placed in the kitchen, choose a ceramic NAT color to make it look different from the primary color of the ceramic.

    19. The kitchen is quite similar to a neat kitchen.
    Label each food container to make it easier to prepare meals.

    20. Wallpaper is an alternative wall covering.

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