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    9 Esential Silicone Cooking Utensils in Your Kitchen

    Nine essential silicone cooking utensils in your kitchen

    Kitchen utensils are made of more silicon of its type. This ingredient is liked because it does not absorb heat, so it is easy to hold when cooking, lightweight, and very easy to clean. Also, the colors are becoming more interesting, so children are interested in helping their parents cook. Nine silicone kitchen utensils must be in your kitchen.

    1. Spatula for the comfortable agitation of groceries

    Spatulas include the first widely known silicon cooking utensils. If you're satisfied with a wooden spatula, you can now switch to a silicon spatula. Because it's very light, you can quickly mix dressings into pieces of vegetables while making salads. Or, you can easily attach spices, eggs, and potatoes while cooking cakes.

    2. The measuring cup measures the liquid material properly

    If you are always cooking following the recipe in detail, this measuring cup should have it. That way, you have no doubt what kind of coconut milk is used to make the perfect fried Crackers chili sauce or to cook oxtail soup with the exact viscosity of the sauce. Surely your results will be as good as the look of the photos in the recipe.

    3. Clamp to take food without fear of such dirty hands

    Once the food holder is usually made of metallic material with a simple shape. Now, the tip of the clamp is coated with colored silicon to make it look more cheerful. Not only does it come in a variety of exciting colors, but the shape is also no longer just a long and tedious conical. There, you know, the clamp that ends in the form of small hands are helpful.

    4. Mold ice cubes, making ice cubes very easily removed

    If you use plastic prints, you often have to fight hard first before a bucket of ice cubes jumps out of the mold. With the silicone mold, you can easily remove the ice cubes, just like the peeling gesture. Besides, the image is not only a box, many of which have a unique shape, such as flowers and animals. The drink looks more exciting if the ice cubes are crushed in it.

    5. Butter polishing brush makes a scratch-free nonstick frying pan

    The shape is like a brush with feathers, but the silicone fur ' in butter polishing is not as much as a regular brush. This brush will be handy when making a thin tortilla to accompany the yellow rice or cook pancakes for breakfast. Especially fun, this brush is effortless to clean. Unlike ordinary bushes, they often still hide butter in the middle.

    6. Spoon a spoon of vegetables to put the already used spoon

    If you are friends with a series of dishes, where do you usually put a spoon to take each meal? Maybe your answer is a small dish. Well, with this colorful spoon tray, you can put a spoon of vegetables or side dish on it, without dirty tablecloths.

    7. Shaker egg leaves no wounds

    If you are used to beating the eggs in a plastic or glass container with a metal shaker, then you will need to see the edges of the box full of scratches. It's time for you to switch to a silicone egg blender. It is comfortable to hold and has the same power as a metal shaker. Also, their containers are more durable.

    8. Mat dough grinding, can make the perfect pizza skin

    Do you love making your pizza? Or, make a flatbread when you want to show the ability to cook Indian food to the family? This is the right tool for you to buy. Equipped with a small to large circle image, you can measure each mass you grind so that the magnitude is always the same. Besides, the dough is easy to collect, not attached to the base.

    9. Muffin Mold makes the muffin quickly removed when ripe

    Bread is one of the favorite breakfast menus that are very crowded. To make your life easier, use a silicone muffin mold. The metal mold is often 'grab' firmly to the cupcake, making it challenging to emit. With silicone molds, the muffin is easy to escape, like sliding by itself. It is also easy to clean from butter residues.

    Well, what silicone cooking utensils do you already have?

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