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    Type Of Kitchen Equipment Large And Small With Function

    A kitchen is a place for cooking activities. It was cooked rice, cooked bread, chicken, and various other foods. In each building, you must have a kitchen, as the kitchen is one of the main rooms that should be there. In a kitchen, there are several kitchen utensils, both large and small kitchen utensils that have a function of each according to their usefulness.

    When choosing the kitchen utensils for this restaurant, the most important thing is the material of the appliance. For the best and the best stuff is the stainless steel material. The stainless steel material has chromium and also nickel composition. Chromium material can prevent oxidation in kitchen equipment and nickel material from preventing corrosion so that the kitchen can be rust and moisture resistant.

    Utensils and kitchen functions large and small
    A. Large appliances and kitchen functions
    1. Stove
    The stove is a primary kitchen paying tool that serves to cook food. To produce good food and safe when used, the furnace must be made of stainless steel, which is an antioxidant. The oven is available in a variety of sizes; there is one feed; also, there are two advances.

    2. Oven
    This oven is used for baking bread, or any other food that will be served in a baked form. The furnace uses electrical energy that makes the oven temperature very high. The stoves are made of a material that is heat resistant, so it is durable and safe when used or touched.

    3. Panoramic tilt
    Pen tilt is an excellent frying device that is used for cooking a lot of food. This tool has a rectangular shape with a gas heat source. The angle of the tray is equipped with a leverage tool that serves to pour dishes when cooked.

    4. Tilting the boiling tray
    This cooking equipment is used for cooking foods that are in the form of sauce or liquid such as soup, large amounts of the source. The tilt of the boiling tray has a round shape like the pan, but the size is more significant and is made of stainless steel material.

    5. Freezer or cooler
    This kitchen appliance is used to store groceries or stock kitchen material. The fridge has a cold temperature so you can keep food to keep it fresh. Especially for storing fruits and vegetables to keep it clean and resistant to decomposition.

    6. Bain Marie
    This kitchen appliance is used to store food to keep them warm when they come up. This tool is combined with water that heats above the stove. So you can say the move according to your goals.

    7. Kitchen trolly
    Kitchen trolly is a tool to load a variety of activities in the kitchen, one of them to deliver materials, tools, and cooking. If you have a limited kitchen space, you can make a trolly kitchen as a place to store groceries, to make it easier for you when you want to take the ingredients.

    8. Artboard
    This tool is used as a table where various types of cooking activities and to make food processing preparations. The kitchenware of the restaurant is essential.

    9. The sink
    The sink has a function as a place to wash groceries before being cooked or by. The pan is often also used as a place to wash the kitchen utensils used to keep the kitchen always clean, so it's the food made.

    10. Dining table game
    The next thing not to miss is a complete dining table. In a kitchen, incomplete if there is no dining table. Because the dining table serves to put several dishes that you make and enjoy them with the family.

    B. Small appliances and kitchen functions
    1. Frying pan
    Pans are used for frying food with a standard amount. Pots are usually made of anticorrosive or stainless or Teflon. Containers can also be used for baking with unique shapes.

    2. Bread
    The pan is used to boil food. So the size is smaller than the frying pan or pan. The container used can be adjusted to its size, so boiled foods can be cooked perfectly.

    3. Spatula
    A spatula is a tool used to remove dishes when cooking. The spatulas have some accessories, which they can withstand when cooking. Spatulas are always used when cooking, so they must be made of good material and heat resistant.

    4. Knife
    This tool is used to place the knife equipment safely. The place of the blade is made of wood, so it is not easily rusted and safe when exposed to knife scratches. If the edge is not stored correctly, it can harm anyone, especially children who can play in the kitchen.

    5. Cutter
    This set of fastening tools includes knives, cutting boards, and as much as necessary when you want to cut groceries. The Dropper tool can be made of stainless or wood materials. But if you want a durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant tool, then you can use a stainless material slicer.

    6. Spoon and fork
    Spoon and fork are cooking utensils explicitly used to take food or seasonings or others. The spoons are small in size, so it may be easier for you to pick something, especially in the form of fluid.

    7. Dishes and bowls
    This kitchen appliance is also used for food containers or ingredients for processing or cooking. The recipe is rounded with a slight basin, while the vessel has a deeper pool.

    In a kitchen has a small and small kitchen utensils. Each of these tools has different functions, depending on your needs. With complete cooking utensils, you can support you when cooking or making food.

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