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    10 Kitchen Tools That Should be in The Kitchen

    Cooking activities in the kitchen can be somewhat tedious and exhausting if not done wholeheartedly.

    Mainly if not supported by essential equipment, staples cooking equipment.

    Of all the existing kitchen furniture, that's why some kitchen utensils that should have to have their activities in the kitchen is not limited!

    Just scroll down!

    10 essential kitchen utensils that should be owned in home cooking

    1. Kitchen utensils

    Of all the kitchen utensils, this is the most essential tool to have in the kitchen.

    The stove, as we already know, serves as a high-temperature production tool that can help cook raw materials for cooking.

    The stove is an update of the oven shaft and stove, which is a traditional cooking tool that uses wood, charcoal, and rope axes as an intermediary for the fire a few years ago.

    To function correctly, a stove requires gas as a firing trigger.

    2. GLP gas

    The gas stove certainly won't be complete without gas.
    The gas used for cooking is LPG gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

    You won't be able to cook with gas stoves.

    3. Nonstick frying pan

    Where else will you cook your ingredients besides the pan?

    A wok can be used for various mesas methods such as frying, screeding, cooking soup, and baking.

    There are many different types of pans.

    Frypan used for frying, wok used for sautéing, pot (panic) used to cook soup, and much more.

    Be sure to buy a frying pan with a free layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or an original iron frying pan because it won't remove poison toxins in food when the pot reaches 300 degrees Celsius.

    4. Fireproof spatula

    The next cooking tool that should be in your kitchen is a spatula.

    Like a stove that is not complete without LPG gas, a frying pan will also not be full without a spatula.

    The wooden spatula is the best option to use as a kitchen tool.

    In addition to the high aesthetic value, wooden spatulas are also the safest and can prevent the risk of cancer.

    Select the wooden spatula that has been coated with PVC paint to prevent flammable fire.

    5. Footbath

    The foot bath can be used for a wide range of activities in the kitchen, especially in the kitchen.

    This tool can be used as a container of an egg shaker, soaking, and vegetable washing, also to shake the dough cake.

    A quality basin will not crack easily.

    Usually, the material is made of stainless steel.

    Heat resistant and anti-oxide.

    6. Set of knives and cutting board

    The kitchen utensils of this are no less critical to others.

    Imagine you have to cut all the cooking ingredients using scissors! A nuisance!

    Choose a sharp knife to facilitate the cooking process at home.

    A sharp knife is a sign that the sword is preserved.

    When the knife is blunt, sharpen it with the sharpening stone and wash it with warm water before use.

    7. Scarring

    Knives are handy for cutting groceries, but what about cutting the material with thin, thin slices.

    The quick fix is to use scars!

    This tool can be used to cut beautiful carrots, potatoes, cheese, and fruits.

    Using the Scar tool, you can save a lot of time in the kitchen.

    The cooking process is also easy!

    8. Aprons

    Most people may not see aprons as kitchen utensils, but the role of aprons in the kitchen is significant!

    The aprons protect the wedge from splash stains on the dishes, as well as from the heat temperature produced by the stove.

    Two types of aprons can be used, namely body aprons and hip aprons.

    9. Analog scales

    Scales may not be the essential cooking utensils to have in the kitchen for professional chefs.

    However, for beginners looking to immerse themselves in the world of cooking, scales are an essential tool.

    There are plenty of dosage guides you'll find in a food cookbook and for the sake of the perfect kitchen.

    ... Scales can help you calculate the correct dose for each required ingredient.

    10. Gas stove

    In addition to the usual gas stove, cooking utensils that must be in the next kitchen is a gas plantation stove.

    This type of stove is the perfect solution for a minimalist design kitchen because the concept is straightforward and slippery.

    In addition, it is also not necessary to clean the stove ring as in the usual type of gas stove because, in this tool, there is only clear glass used as a heating medium.

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