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    5 Ways to Choose The Right Kitchen Knife Set

    Don't ever underestimate the kitchen appliances this. For those of you who think all knives are the same, you need to read this article. Using the wrong razor can make your work in the kitchen even longer, and you're getting tired. As a result, you are lazy to enter the kitchen and learn to cook.

    5 Ways to Choose The Right Kitchen Knife Set

    For those of you who want to learn how to cook, here's how to choose the right knife to use.

    1. First, you need to know that many types of knives can be used

    Not just one, there are more than 14 different types of knives used by various chefs in this world. Here's the list:

    • Chef's knife a multifunctional knife that can be used for many things.
    • Paring knife-a small knife that makes it easy to peel onions and fruit.
    • Utility Knife-A multitasking knife used for cutting and cutting.
    • Non-sharp bread knife, a draft knife aimed explicitly at cutting bread.
    • Steak Knife, a small but sharp knife select for cutting meat, served together when eating steak, not for cutting meat before cooking.
    • Steak is a flexible knife with small, thin ends, used to cut meat and fish before cooking.
    • A boneless knife with a pointed and smooth tip is used to separate meat from bones.
    • Carving set equipped with a two-fingered fork that keeps meat quiet, this knife is commonly used to serve chicken.

    The knife-commonly used by Chinese chefs, the full-body, can soften the meat and soften the onions before trying.
    Santoku-If Chinese cuisine uses a knife and Japanese cuisine using the Santoku knife with almost the same function.
    The vegetable knife-this knife is specialized for cutting vegetables, so your hand is not easy to cut tired vegetables that are average hard.
    Mezzaluna in the shape of a wheel; this knife is special for melting spices.
    Cheese/butter knife with a blunt end, this knife is special to apply something soft and soft.
    Sushi knife, with a flat and sharp tip, the blade makes it easy to cut sashimi and sushi dominated by natural sticky ingredients.
    A lot of people aren't the type of knife?

    2. So what exactly should be taken into account when looking at knives?

    Choosing the knife can't be reckless. Choosing one can quickly get tired when cooking. When holding the knife you want, first of all, you have to feel it is comfort. Here are three ways to identify it:

    The weight of the knife too heavy is not right, too light is not good also. When choosing a knife, Tries to feel the pressure of the blade. If the flow in your grip is good, then it's a knife that's right for you. Also, note the material of the knife handle. Heavy metals can affect delicate materials.
    When the pretender is to try, the balance of the knife feels this heavy knife in any direction. If you are leaning further forward or backward, do not select. How easy it is, find the midpoint of the blade when used.
    The size of the blade usually, most people use an 8-inch knife (about 20 cm). Chefs prefer the 10-inch blade with a pointed tip for comfortable work. If you are new to studying, the 6-inch knife is excellent enough.

    3. What should you do to try the tasty or the knife?

    If you follow the real rules, Fine Cooking Test has 24 ways to taste the knife. But for  you who are still beginners or only used for homes, you can do this:
    • Leaf Spice
    • Cut the onions
    • Cut the meat
    • Cut vegetables so thin
    • Peel the fruit peel

    4. Well, you have a proper knife, how do you take care that lasts?

    Having a knife doesn't just mean worn, washed, then back to the shelf. You have to need to take care of it to stay durable and sharp. Here's an excellent video that explains how to sharpen the knife to keep it bright.

    Little tips, after washing the knife, dry directly, and return to the shelf. Do not let the knife be exposed to water from other laundry items. Knives that often get quickly boring water don't want to repurchase a knife.
    Otherwise, hang the knife when it dry. Do not dry in a flat position; your knife will not dry quickly later.

    5. Different steel blade and ceramic knife

    Now there are many ceramic knives you've found. Compared to steel knives, ceramic knives are perfect for beginners. Ceramic knives are also of less common type than steel knives, as a knife can be used for many things.

    The difference between steel knives, you have to be more careful when using ceramic knives. This leaf tends to break easily, so it should not fall or Dipukulkan.

    In other words, you can't wear garlic with a ceramic knife. Besides, this knife cannot be sharpened like a steel blade. The perfecting of ceramic knives is the same when damaged.

    Believe me, after you find a good knife, you're getting excited about the kitchen! So, you don't feel the whole knife is just the same, yes. Once a collection, you may be addicted to finding a good knife to use to meet your needs!

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