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    8 Wooden Kitchen Utensils Ideas for Your Kitchen

    This time we'll share eight wooden kitchen utensils design ideas made of wood.

    So this article we do, especially for those of you who want to design or renovate your kitchen at home. And you happen to like things that smell like wood. Well, of course, this article about eight kitchen appliance design ideas made of wood will help you beautify your kitchen design. 

    Because that human being certainly needs new ideas to start something, whether he wants to do something or have something. Well, this item can do both; it may be for the idea of making your own or making a purchase.

    It is ok. Let's say we're starting to see one on one. About anything, we're going to show and present in our article this time. Indeed what we say is, please read and see well without making a copy of the images that ed. 

    Because it is feared that it will infringe the author's copyright, that's why if you can be creative by creating a new design or slightly modifying the image that we'll show later.


    The first of the eight kitchen appliance design ideas made of wood will be that we start designing the place or shelves for the knife container. For those of you who create a modern kitchen design concept, of course, you need a particular area or knife rack for your knife container.

    Usually, the knife is just one in the house, rich in my house. But if this modern kitchen has some blade, it must be owned. And each knife has its function so that the shape is also different. Therefore, you need a shelf or knife place to make it easier to use the knife according to your wishes and functions.

    Where's where you put it on a spoon rack, fork, and all types. The point is one. You're going to have some knife you want to use. At the same time, the unique shelves use high end and unplug. Simple and no waste time, and it should be unique and according to its kitchen concept.


    The next idea for your kitchen appliances is rice spoons or other large spoons and forks. But don't eat a knife and fork.

    For a tablespoon of rice this can also be an ornament in your kitchen, placing it in the eye-looking area. It can be used or can be as decoration. But the point is, if you use it, you should clean it up after using it.

    Because the rice name should be sticky and the dried if you can be crispy and is not suitable for the rice spoon's appearance. And this also applies to knives or other forks. For example, vegetables keep sautéing.

    3. TRAY

    The third idea of 10 kitchen appliance design ideas made of wood is tray guys. This tray is also suitable for giving drinks guests. And besides, if you put it in a place that looks into your eyes, this tray can also beautify your kitchen.

    You can see yes, for example, decadent trays that are drawn this. The color is stable, so rich is not a regular tray.


    For those of you who are bread lovers or who used to have bread use for breakfast. Perhaps the design of this bread set could be one of your kitchen appliance design ideas.
    What's your favorite kind of bread? Because bread likes to come out of little dims that can get stuck in your kitchen. Well, if the bread is placed in this set, then the bread can be immediately crumbled from it. It's just been changed to keep the trash inside.

    Simple, clean, and, of course, the design can be an addition to beautify your kitchen itself.


    For those of you who like cleaning, of course, weaving you need. Especially for your kitchen, because sometimes runs out of dishes or runs out of dough. Spontaneously we must want to cleanse and shake hands.

    Well, if use place fabric rolls are beautiful rich pictures above, of course, your kitchen will look elegant and beautiful, yes. And that must be an essential function for cleaning your hands.


    He's usually the meat grower these days who's already use the iron. Maybe because it's heavier, so it's faster to crush meat to make ground meat or steak, but if it for this size can use to cut leftover tea wood, make the door, or whatever. 

    So it's not very expensive. But it still weighs well for press meat. And the most important thing is that the concept of your wooden kitchen can be done yes.


    Suppose the chef understands that he doesn't like the spiced blender because the dish's flavor may be different from the seasoning manually beaten with stone or wood crusher.

    With this seasoning grower, you can get press chili, onion, pepper, and others without the need to waste electricity with a blender. And, of course, as we told you before, yes. With a blender that has a taste, the seasoning will not be more substantial compared to bumps.

    The shape is small, and with its growth stick placed inside, it will make this grower look beautiful in the kitchen. Especially if the design applied to the grower has a high artistic and aesthetic value.


    If you put cooking spices in the kitchen set, of course, it's a little fussy guys. Kudu opens the kitchen set first, keep looking at the seasoning. He's gone again and closing the kitchen set. 

    It's different if you use a special shelf for cooking seasoning. The seasoning is already noticeable and can be taken as you wish without opening the kitchen cabinet lid first. And this shelf can also be used to place bottles of soy sauce, oil, and other yes guys. Multifunctional.

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