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    6 Types of Knife and Their Use in the Kitchen

    In choosing the shape of a knife and its use in the kitchen, it is not an ordinary problem. There are 6 types of knives and their uses in the kitchen that need to be understood by a chief or those of you who like to cook in the kitchen. Some ordinary people will think that the use of a kitchen knife can be used for various types of kitchen work or just for cutting, but it turns out that this is not true.

    A knife has its own function, for example, for cutting vegetables, meat or bread, it is very different in use. Here are 6 types of knives and their uses in the kitchen;

    1. Slice Knife (Slicing Knife)

    From its small and thin shape, this knife is used to slice the skin of fruit and various types of vegetables with a small texture. However, apart from being used to slice fruit and vegetables, this type of sliced ​​knife is also often used to slice soft meat to produce neat and neat slices of meat for dishes on a plate.


    2. Bread Knife (Serrated Knife)

    A bread knife has a distinctive shape, with a thin serrated main function for slicing light, soft and thin objects. This serrated shape is used to cut the texture of the bread into smaller, softer and neat shapes. This knife can also be used to cut tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers for decoration in certain types of food.


    3. Fillet Knife (Boning Knife)

    From the design designed, this fillet knife is elongated and slender. One of the main functions of this knife is used to separate the chicken meat from the bone so that it is easy to cook or fry. In addition, this knife can also be used to separate the fish bones from the meat and remove veins and fat that will not be cooked.


    4. Big Knife (Cleaver Knife)

    This large knife is familiar. We often see it being used by Chinese chiefs, especially its function is to cut boned chicken meat. The knife design is large and heavy with an iron main coating, is also often used for chopping meat, vegetables with various slices, garlic, ginger and various other heavy vegetables.


    5. Multipurpose Knife (Chef's Knife)

    From the design that this knife offers, it is a multifunctional or multi-purpose knife for slicing and cutting all types of processed dishes. If you prefer to use one knife rather than a set of knives, you can use this versatile knife option as an alternative in cooking. One form has many functions, it is simpler and more efficient to use for cooking.


    6. Carving Knife (Paring Knife)

    The carving knife has a curved and tapered design that serves to engrave or design for certain types of food. The basic shape of this knife is curved downward and small which easily grips like a carving pen. As the name implies, carving knives are often used to carve fruits, vegetables and certain types of food that require decoration.

     These are the 6 different forms of knives and their use in the kitchen that you can choose according to your cooking needs. In addition to providing comfort and knowing its uses, you can recommend the right types of knives to use so that you don't choose the wrong type of knife according to your needs. Happy cooking and experimenting.

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