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    You Must Have This Cooking Equipment When You Are A Chef at Home


    For those of you who have just become a household chef or who want to know about the world of cooking, there are many cooking utensils that you must have first. So that your cooking learning event runs smoothly, here are the cooking equipment references for beginners versus us. Please read.

    1. Food Stove Heater

    Of several expensive restaurants, the stove is one of the most important cooking utensils. Surely you already know the role of the stove, right? For those of you who want to learn to become a chef, initially, you can prepare a minimum of two stoves in your kitchen.

    Oh yes, seeing that currently, technology has advanced very much, there are several types of stove options, guys, there are gas stoves and electric stoves. For those of you who are concerned with the safety of a gas stove, electric stoves are still available for you to use.

    2. Frying Pan

    For the convenience of processing, you must have a minimum of two types of frying pan, this is guys. The first is a large frying pan and the other is a medium frying pan.

    If you will often process some difficult foods such as typical foods or menus in quality dining places, because of that, anti-stick frying is a mandatory point for you to have.

    3. Pot For Processing

    Still the same as frying, the use of a pan is really necessary for terms of cooking, especially if you process the same typical or traditional food by boiling. So, for starters, you must have a minimum of two pans in your kitchen.

     4. Spatula

    Oh yeah, don't forget the stirring tool like a spatula, guys. So that your cooking utensil (frying/pan) doesn't scratch or crumble quickly, you can try to buy a special plastic cooking spatula.

     5. Cooking Ingredients Filter

    After stirring the food ingredients with a spatula, this tool is of course a special option for draining the oils you have left behind in your processing. So, get one now! The price is quite cheap, you can buy it in the markets.

     6. Knife Slice

    The knife has become a point that is often referred to as the soul of a chef. This cooking tool is of course very much needed for cooking purposes. If you look at kitchens at large dining establishments, some chefs certainly have their special knives.

    So, there is no mistake for you to choose your special knife starting from now. Oh yeah, don't forget the iris mat.

     7. Multipurpose Juice

    Juices seem quite mandatory for you to have these guys. Especially for those of you who are still not an expert in the sector of slicing cooking ingredients, juice can be a special solution for you.

    For the juice option, try to buy a multi-functional juice that can blend all types of ingredients except fruit such as chilies, onions, coriander, and others.

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